You've got a great idea for a website -- about your favorite band, to help organize your upcoming family reunion, or even for your business. But creating a great website is only the first step. To get your site up on the web so the world can see it, you need web hosting. That's where Freeservers.com comes in

Freeservers offers the finest free web space, website hosting and professional web hosting services available. With 10 years of hosting experience and more than 4 million websites, Freeservers is one of the leading web hosting companies in the industry.

Freeservers' shared hosting services provide quality service to literally millions of private and business websites of all types and sizes. We're certain to offer a web hosting package that's just right for you. Compare our web hosting packages to find the perfect blend of service, features and price. Once you've chosen the web hosting package that's right for you, visit our easy-to-use Web Hosting 101 guide to learn the tips and tricks of creating your own website.


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